docomo eSIM 50GB / 16 days

Networkdocomo (Japan No1 network)
Plan TypeData only (No Calls)
Identity VerificationNot required
You can start using it anytime after purchase. Anytime you want.
Once activated, the usage period will begin, so please activate and set it up after arriving in Japan.

Our Japan eSIM connects you to over 99% of the population, thanks to our partnership with docomo, one of the country's top network providers.

Restricted Speed
Once data usage exceeds data capacity, the speed is limited to 200kbps.

Before the end of use, please DO NOT delete the installed eSIM.
If the installed eSIM is deleted, it cannot be installed again, even on the same device.

Activation and setup

After purchasing your eSIM data plan, it'll appear on My page. You can use an activation link and clear instructions. This page includes all your past purchases as well. You can choose when to request your eSIM's activation, putting you in control of when your data allowance begins.
How to set up eSIM

docomo eSIM 50GB / 16 days

¥3800(excl. tax)

My phone is compatible with eSIM
Please make sure your device supports eSIM function. How to Check Compatibility

My phone is Unlocked.
Your device has to be unlocked (SIM-free). To check if your device is unlocked, please contact your cellphone company.

Cancellation Policy
Full refund is possible if you request a refund before activation.

Out of Stock
We are currently experiencing a shortage in stock due to high demand
Please choose other plans