Get the best eSIM Plan for your trip to Japan!  The way to find High-Quality and Affordable eSIMs

Get the best eSIM Plan for your trip to Japan! The way to find High-Quality and Affordable eSIMs

Updated : 2024-03-24 22:37:53

eSIM is perfect for traveling. Unlike physical SIM cards, you don't need to remove them, so there's no risk of losing them. Additionally, there's incredible convenience in being able to purchase them anytime, anywhere. At Narita Airport, Haneda Airport, Kansai Airport, and any other airports in Japan, many people go to the rental counter for Pocket Wi-Fi, but with eSIM, you just need to connect to the airport Wi-Fi, purchase and set it up. In just 5 minutes, you can have communication in Japan. When visiting Japan, using eSIM offers overwhelming convenience as you can buy it anytime, anywhere without considering the price, set it up immediately, and start communicating. This article introduces the points necessary to purchase high-quality eSIM cheaply.

Major telecommunications companies available in Japan

There are four major telecommunications companies available in Japan:


docomo is the largest telecommunications company in Japan, offering extensive coverage nationwide. It provides high-speed LTE and 5G networks, known for their reliability. docomo offers a variety of plans and options to meet a wide range of needs.

KDDI (au)

KDDI, known as au, is the second-largest telecommunications company in Japan, with nationwide coverage. It receives high praise for the speed and quality of its data communication, especially in rural areas. KDDI provides diverse plans and services to meet user needs.


SoftBank is the third-largest telecommunications company in Japan, offering a wide range of services. Notably, it provides fast communication speeds in urban areas. SoftBank actively offers discounts, promotions, and other benefits to attract customers.

Rakuten Mobile

Rakuten Mobile started its service in 2021 as a telecommunications company. Its unlimited communication plan is popular among users.

These major telecommunications companies provide extensive services nationwide, offering reliable communication infrastructure for travelers and business users in Japan.

The features of eSIM available in Japan

Both eSIM and physical SIM cards for travelers in Japan can only be used for data communication. Sending or receiving SMS messages and making phone calls are not possible. This is because plans that allow the use of SMS or phone numbers require individuals to present identification and undergo verification in Japan before they can purchase them.

Comparison of eSIM plans available in Japan

Provider Main Network Roaming Where to Buy
Lightpocket NTT Docomo No WEB
Ubigi NTT Docomo No WEB
ESIM JAPAN China Mobile HK SoftBank/AU WEB
airalo Singtel SoftBank/AU WEB
TSIM teck China Mobile HK SoftBank/AU WEB

Lightpocket is a local Japanese company, so it is not a roaming plan and its prices are also Japanese prices. The reason for the low price is that there is no intermediary company(Companies that allow roaming communications), and Lightpocket is able to purchase and sell directly from local telecommunication companies at a local price.

Tips for Finding High-Quality and Affordable eSIMs for Use in Japan

To find a good quality, low-cost eSIM that works in Japan, the key is to purchase from a Japanese company. There are over 50 services offering eSIMs for use in Japan, each with various plans, which might make it difficult to choose.

However, the criteria for finding a high-quality and affordable eSIM are simple: buy from a Japanese company.

If a company not operating in Japan offers eSIMs for use in Japan, you'll end up using roaming for communication. Primarily, China Mobile HK provides this function, but it relies on roaming with Japanese telecom companies. This means there are fees for both China Mobile HK and the Japanese telecom company, inevitably leading to higher communication costs. When communicating in Japan, purchasing an eSIM from a local Japanese company will be considerably cheaper. Understanding this will help you buy a cheap and good eSIM.

Best eSIM Japan Plans

Select your data plans to enjoy 4G LTE by Local Price

30GB/8 days

Data 30GB
Period 8 days
Calls & SMS No



50GB/16 days

Data 50GB
Period 16 days
Calls & SMS No



50GB/31 days

Data 50GB
Period 31 days
Calls & SMS No



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