Can Japanese eSIMs be Used for Tethering? Checkpoints and Considerations

Can Japanese eSIMs be Used for Tethering? Checkpoints and Considerations

Updated : 2024-05-10 11:20:34

Tethering is a function that allows you to connect to the internet with other devices using the data communication of one device. Smartphones emit signals and function as mobile Wi-Fi hotspots, providing internet access to surrounding devices with just a simple operation. For people traveling to Japan, some might consider buying an eSIM for their smartphone and using it to access the internet with devices like laptops. In this article, we'll introduce whether eSIMs sold in Japan can be used for tethering and some points to be aware of regarding tethering.

Can eSIMs used in Japan be tethered?

The eSIMs we sell for use in Japan have no restrictions on tethering, so tethering is possible. Various companies sell eSIMs that can be used for communication in Japan, but whether tethering is possible depends on each service. If you're considering using tethering, make sure to check the following two points before purchasing an eSIM: 1.Whether your smartphone supports tethering. 2.Whether the eSIM from the company you're purchasing from allows tethering.

Points to note about tethering

Speed may slow down during tethering

During tethering, communication speed may slow down due to factors such as signal strength, network congestion, and processing capabilities of the tethered device. Especially if multiple devices are connected simultaneously, the communication speed of each individual device may decrease.

Tethering devices consume battery quickly

Tethering consumes a significant amount of device battery. Especially when connecting multiple devices, the battery will drain faster.

Connections may be interrupted

Even if the tethering function of a smartphone is turned on, the connection may be automatically disconnected if no communication occurs for a certain period.

Large amounts of data may be consumed

When connecting multiple devices to the internet using the tethering function, data capacity is consumed for each connected device. If you watch videos on a laptop connected via tethering to a smartphone, you may exceed the data capacity of the eSIM, so consider renting a Pocket Wi-Fi that allows for large-capacity communication.
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