Where to buy a SIM card in Japan?  Recommended Prepaid SIM cards

Where to buy a SIM card in Japan? Recommended Prepaid SIM cards

Updated : 2024-05-18 07:52:10

For travelers visiting Japan, ensuring access to the internet is as crucial as choosing accommodation. There are 3 main methods for travelers to access the internet in Japan.

  1. Renting a Pocket Wi-Fi in Japan
  2. Purchasing a SIM card / eSIM
  3. Using roaming services

eSIMs can be purchased anytime and anywhere, making them highly convenient. However, many people still own devices that do not support eSIMs. Physical SIM cards are often easier to set up and offer a wider variety of plans, making them popular for travel in Japan, second only to renting Pocket WiFi.

If you are looking for an eSIM that works in Japan, please consider our service. While many people may not be familiar with Lightpocket, our eSIMs use Docomo, Japan's largest network, and offer large data plans. Moreover, compared to major eSIM services, our prices are astonishingly reasonable.
eSIM for Japan

This article will focus on prepaid SIM cards in Japan, where to purchase them, and recommend some of the best options available. If you're looking to obtain a user-friendly prepaid SIM card in Japan or curious about where to buy one, this article is for you.

The features of SIM card and eSIM available in Japan

Both eSIM and physical SIM cards for travelers in Japan can only be used for data communication. Sending or receiving SMS messages and making phone calls are not possible. This is because plans that allow the use of SMS or phone numbers require individuals to present identification and undergo verification in Japan before they can purchase them.

Where to Buy Prepaid SIM Cards in Japan

International Airports

International airports in Japan have stores and vending machines that sell prepaid SIM cards.
The prices of SIM cards sold at airports are a bit high.
If you wish to purchase a SIM card, we recommend that you reserve it online before coming to Japan and pick it up at the post office at the airport, as it is less expensive and there is no hassle involved in purchasing the card.

Convenience stores

SIM cards are sold at some stores such as Seven-Eleven, FamilyMart, and Lawson. Not all convenience stores in Japan sell SIM cards, but some convenience stores in tourist areas may sell SIM cards. There are not many SIM card plans available.
Plans and Prices of Prepaid SIM Cards Sold in Japanese Convenience Stores

Eletronic and home appliances retail/chain store

There are not many stores, but SIM cards with various plans are available.

Online Malls / Stores

Many online stores sell SIM cards for travelers visiting Japan. There are a variety of plans available, and they are the most reasonably priced. The recommended method is to buy a SIM card from an online store and pick it up at the airport. You can pick up your SIM card as soon as you arrive at the airport, and you will be able to use the Internet immediately.

Purchase SIM card before comming to Japan

For those visiting Japan, airports are likely the most common places to purchase SIM cards. However, SIM cards sold at airports tend to have limited options and slightly higher prices. While vending machines are convenient, it's recommended to choose a SIM card online before arriving in Japan and have it delivered to the airport.

Both Narita and Haneda airports have post offices where you can receive your SIM card. This method is highly recommended as it saves time and effort since you only need to pick up the card upon arrival.

For those who didn't reserve a SIM card before coming to Japan or couldn't buy a SIM card at the airport, consider checking convenience stores at tourist spots.

If you can't find a suitable plan, you can always purchase one online and have it delivered to your hotel during your stay.

Recommend Prepaid SIM cards

Here are some SIM cards that are popular among Japanese people sold on Amazon japan. Amazon Japan cannot not deliver to the airport post office, but they will deliver to the hotel where you are staying in Japan. You can purchase a SIM card if you can not get it at the airport and have it delivered to your hotel during your stay.
DATA Network Period(day) price Purchase
20GB docomo 365 ¥5,980 Amazon.co.jp
30GB docomo 180 ¥4,980 Amazon.co.jp
50GB docomo 180 ¥7,980 Amazon.co.jp
50GB docomo 30 ¥4,880 Amazon.co.jp
50GB docomo 60 ¥5,780 Amazon.co.jp
90GB docomo 60 ¥7,980 Amazon.co.jp
135GB docomo 90 ¥9,980 Amazon.co.jp
How to buy from Amazon in Japan and pick up at the hotel

Best eSIM Japan Plans

Select your data plans to enjoy 4G LTE by Local Price

30GB/8 days

Data 30GB
Period 8 days
Calls & SMS No



50GB/16 days

Data 50GB
Period 16 days
Calls & SMS No



50GB/31 days

Data 50GB
Period 31 days
Calls & SMS No



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