Stay Connected in Hokkaido: SIM Cards and eSIMs at New Chitose Airport

Stay Connected in Hokkaido: SIM Cards and eSIMs at New Chitose Airport

Updated : 2024-04-26 13:05:25

Traveling to Hokkaido is known for its beautiful scenery throughout the seasons, fresh seafood and mountain delicacies, and warm hospitality from the locals. It's a very popular destination for visitors to Japan. Ensuring internet connectivity during your stay is crucial. It's essential to have internet access for tasks like checking out shops, viewing maps, and researching various things or staying in touch while in Hokkaido.

You might feel anxious if you can't rent a Pocket Wi-Fi or purchase a SIM card at airports like Narita, Haneda, or Kansai for your transit to Hokkaido, but there's no need to worry. That's because at New Chitose Airport, the gateway to Hokkaido, SIM cards are available at vending machines and some stores. Additionally, you can receive Pocket Wi-Fi at the post office in New Chitose Airport.
This article will cover SIM cards and eSIMs available at New Chitose Airport.

SIM Cards and eSIMs Available at New Chitose Airport

SIM card Plan and Prices from vending machines

SIM cards are available at New Chitose Airport through vending machines. The prices from vending machines are as follows:
6 1GB 2,500
8 3GB 3,000
90 50GB 10,000
5 Unlimited 4,000
8 Unlimited 4,500
16 Unlimited 5,000
31 Unlimited 6,000
The prices at New Chitose Airport are cheaper compared to those at Narita Airport. It's quite a reasonable price range.
The 90-day plan is popular by people working around Niseko area, but there are many people who would not have enough data with 50 GB in 90 days, and in several cases they have rented Pocket Wi-Fi from us.
Our Pocket WiFi Rental Plans Japan pocket Wi-Fi

eSIMs Plans and Prices at New Chitose Airport

8 3GB 3000
8 50GB 4500
16 50GB 5000
eSIMs are also available at the airport. The prices are more budget-friendly compared to other airport prices. However, our Docomo plans offer more affordable prices and better data capacities, so if you're considering eSIM, we'd be grateful if you could check out our plans.
docomo eSIM Plans

If your Smartphone is Not Compatible with Japanese Frequency Bands

If you have the latest iPhone, it supports eSIM and is compatible with Japanese frequency bands. However, if you have an older smartphone, even if you purchase a SIM card at New Chitose Airport, it may not work. In such cases, Please rent a Pocket Wi-Fi.
There's a post office at New Chitose Airport, and if you make a reservation in advance, you can pick up your Pocket Wi-Fi.
Japan Pocket Wi-Fi
If you use our rental service, you can make a reservation up to 4 days before arriving at New Chitose Airport and pick it up at the airport's post office.

New Chitose Airport Post Office Information
Business hour : 09:00-17:00 (All year round)
How to pickup the pocket wifi at the new chitose post office

Best eSIM Japan Plans

Select your data plans to enjoy 4G LTE by Local Price

30GB/8 days

Data 30GB
Period 8 days
Calls & SMS No



50GB/16 days

Data 50GB
Period 16 days
Calls & SMS No



50GB/31 days

Data 50GB
Period 31 days
Calls & SMS No



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